Rematic Tokens

An organization of professionals creating impactful & secure applications in a transparent way that instills a strong sense of community, empowerment, and trust in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.
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Who We Are


About the Token

Rematic Tokens Inc is a bilateral cross-chain token residing on BSC and Polygon with a single total supply leveraging EverRise Vault System. BSC RMTX rewards EGC to holders, which in turn rewards BUSD. POLYGON RMTX rewards RISE to holders. RMTX is transferable between wallets with NO Tax, making it the ideal Reflection Token. Rematic Tokens primary utility is Rematic Vote. A highly secure, no-frills, immutable blockchain voting platform that allows both Crypto Organizations, Commercial, and Public Sector Entities to conduct safe, secure, and 100% transparent elections for virtually any agenda.


Philanthropic, Sustainable and Passive Income

The vision of Rematic Tokens LLC (RTL) is to bring a trusted, professional, and business level execution of product development and services to the cryptocurrency, commercial, and public/federal space for its clients and communities. RTL is a legal entity established in the state of Virginia, operating globally. In addition to providing services to other tokens and their communities, it acts on behalf of $RMTX investor interests and serves as the operational arm for the $RMTX community.

Rematic Enterprise

The True Investors’ Token

RMTX is the inaugural token of Rematic Enterprise and rewards investors in many ways. First, in the form of  rewards of all transactions. Second, the automated buyback and burn makes RMTX a deflationary token, thus raising the value to all holders over time on each blockchain. Third, and most importantly, as the premier token of the Rematic Enterprise, portions of all revenue from each Rematic endeavor will be distributed in the form of dividend payments to RMTX Holders and/or intense RMTX buyback and burns, raising the value of each RMTX Token.

Why Us

Why We’re Different

Rematic Tokens

Short Term Vision

Rematic Enterprise short term vision will be to manage the overall success of the RMTX Token, design, develop, and bring to market SaaS Blockchain applications. Rematic will establish entities focused on specific SaaS offerings and unique services as well as, build highly qualified teams to lead those efforts.

Rematic Tokens

Long Term Vision

Rematic Enterprise long term vision is to serve as a governing body over a multitude of entities providing Blockchain SaaS Applications across a variety of business verticals, Software Development and Crypto Professional Services, as well as continual research and development within the blockchain ecosphere.  Rematic will also serve as the parent company with operational oversight of each entity to ensure profitability for RMTX Holders.

Rematic Tokens

Why Should I Invest

Rematic Enterprise will not be dependent on any one tokens’ success or any one product offering. This model will allow for products in pipeline to have their own target markets, distinct use cases, and its own go-to-market strategies. This gives Rematic the ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies and offerings as blockchain technology evolves at breakneck speed. It only makes sense to build entities around various product offerings to ensure the long-term viability of the Rematic Enterprise ecosystem.

Our Roadmap


Quarter 2
Q2 - 2022

Initial Exchange Listing

Finalization of Rematic Ecosystem Entities

Launch of Crypto Positive Inc | 501c3 Non-Profit Designation Company

Launch of Rematic Finance | Rematic Invest | Rematic Services | Rematic Vote

ICO RFTX Finance Token

Voting Platform Release to BSC Market for Crypto Project Use

Accepting RNI Applicant Submissions

RMTX Holder Vote on First Start-Up / SB Investment

V3 Contract Upgrade – Upgradable Contract | Final Contract Upgrade

RMTX Holder Vote on Contract Ownership

Quarter 3
Q3 - 2022

RMTX Contract Placement with Third Party [Vote Results Dependent]

RMTX Management Restructuring

RMTX NFT Membership Series

3-5 Additional Exchange Listings for RMTX

Up to 3 Additional Investments and Votes Cast by RMTX holders

Announce details of Community Competition for Rematic Ownership Giveaway

Announce up to Two Additional Entity Creations

Rematic Nation Investment Summit | Date and Details Announced

Voting Platform Released to Commercial Market for Widescale Consumption

Quarter 4
Q4 - 2022

Award Ownership Percentage to Contest Winner(s)

Legal Compliance and Entity Operating Structure Finalized for Rematic Finance

Legal Compliance and Entity Operating Structure Finalized for Rematic Invest

RMTX Additional Exchange Listings

Formation of Two Additional Entities

Additional Investments and Votes Cast by RMTX holders