Rematic Tokens is more than a token, it is more than just a single company. Rematic Tokens is a comprised of entities stemming from many lines of business that will benefit RMTX investors.  

Rematic Vote, Rematic Invest, Rematic Finance, Rematic Professional Services and Crypto Positive LLC are entities founded, established, and/or are members of the Rematic Token Ecosystem. A portion of profits / rewards from those entities provide value to RMTX in terms of operational costs, manual buy back and burns. And/or dividends to RMTX Holders.  In addition to the five stated above, future entities are in the early conceptual phase and will be established in the coming months and years.  

Rematic is not affiliated with EGC and is a 100% independent company. RMTX and EGC leadership do have an open and cordial line of communication as all RMTX Investors on the Binance Smart Chain are, EGC Investors by nature of RMTX reflecting EGC.

RMTX on BSC – 0x21d9Cb3F11a19323C9f222A30Cf9471430f4AB54


RMTX on PLY – 0x76a15a8628CE4C66629eA964f8DC796A8159170B

Yes! On each network, RMTX will be reflecting a reward token. On BSC we reflect EverGrowCoin and on Poly, we reflect MiMatic. 

Binance Smart Chain RMTX Reflects EGC – 0xc001bbe2b87079294c63ece98bdd0a88d761434e 

Binance Smart Chain EGC will Reflect BUSD – 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56 

Polygon Chain RMTX Reflect MiMatic – 0xa3Fa99A148fA48D14Ed51d610c367C61876997F1 


Rematic chose EGC because we believe in their leadership team, transparency to their community, and the vision they have for their token. We feel EGC is a long-term project with great potential, therefore making it the ideal reward token that is attractive to serious investors.  

Cross-chain networking is the function of a single token working simultaneously on other blockchains. RMTX has interconnected itself to the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchain. Each network is connected via the same circulating supply across the three chains 

Tokens from each of the networks can be bridged from one to another. Bridging is tax free, all you have to do is cover the gas fees. This can be accomplished via 

If you’re planning on using the swap function or to even buy RMTX on each of the networks, you’ll need a contract address that matches the blockchain you’re wanting to interact with.  

Yes. Each network has its own buyback and burn function. So once a threshold has been met. The contract will buy the RMTX it can afford and burn it, on that chain 

There is much work to be done and we encourage the community to provide their ideas and offers for support as moderators, contributors, and/or core team members. Volunteer work is highly encouraged. There are paid positions available as we are always looking for top talent to contribute to the growth of Rematic Ecosystem. Any paid positions will require traditional onboarding procedures typical of any employer in the US, so if interested, contact a team member today!