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$RMTX is a multi-network bridged token with a single shared supply on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains. We offer 10% reflections on each network, allowing holders to choose which reflective token to accumulate passively. In addition, each chain has its own automated burn mechanic, so reflections from these burns go to the network’s holders.

RMTX tokens can be sent over to any network for free without the standard taxed transaction. This feature will allow you to freely migrate to BSC, ETH & POLY RMTX, only incurring the cost of gas fees. Rematic Tokens is comprised of Rematic Vote, Rematic Finance, Rematic Invest, Rematic Professional Services, and Crypto Positive Organization.

Rematic Professional
Services Can Help With:

Consulting Services.
dApp review and utility finalization.
Strategic Planning.
Manage the presale and whitelist management process.
Smart Contract Build and Testing.
Little to no start-up cost.

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