Phase 1: Rewards

Earn up to a 45% APY for all tokens!

How does it work?

• To participate, investors MUST hold all three tokens [RMTX, CPTX, RFTX].
• The cut-off for this campaign will be Nov. 30th at 7:00 pm EST.
• Bags receive Funds on December 3, 2022.
• Must not sell any tokens from October 1 - November 30th.

What will it look like?

• Let’s say you have in your wallet: 100B RMTX | 500B CPTX | 275B RFTX.
• At the completion date, you will receive 10B RMTX, 10B CPTX, and 10B RFTX.
• You will receive 10% of your smallest bag size.

Phase 2: Treasure Chest

We have created a wallet (a.k.a the Treasure Chest) that contains the following:

The Challenge:

We will be releasing clues to the seed phrase of the wallet word by word over the next 11 weeks.

The individuals who guess all 11 words correctly are then entered into a randomized drawing to see who wins access to the 12th and final word and the wallet.

Drawing Held Live Week of Dec 5th

The first word was FORTUNE.

The second word was posted on our Twitter on September 19th.

Keep watching our socials, Telegram, and Discord as each word will be announced at the beginning of each week (Mon-Weds).

Think You Know The Word?

DM Mike, Andreas, James, or Tricia your guess!

Phase 3: Change your Token, Change the World

Get $50 USD in CPTX when you direct swap any BSC Reflection Token for a Rematic Ecosystem token.

$250.00 USD Minimum Value To Get the $50 Deposit in CPTX

Get started today!

Watch our recent AMA for more information.