What We

$RMTX is a multi-network bridged token with a single shared supply on the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains. We offer reflections on each network, allowing holders to earn EGC ON BINANCE SMART CHAIN OR earn EverRise on polygon blockchain. In addition, each chain has its own automated burn mechanic, so reflections from these burns go to the network’s holders. 

RMTX tokens can be sent over to any network for free without the standard taxed transaction. This feature will allow you to freely migrate to BSC & POLY RMTX, only incurring the cost of gas fees. 

Rematic Tokens is comprised of Rematic Vote, Rematic Finance, Rematic Invest, Rematic Professional Services, and Crypto Positive Organization.

What We Do

Utilities & Product Development


The Rematic Team is comprised of talented individuals, responsible for the development of each entity and the initial product offerings of those entities. Project teams are hard at work building applications and service offerings to ensure long-term value for RMTX holders. How? Well, in addition to rewarding holders with reflections, holders will also receive value from other entities through buyback and burn based on the revenue generated from those entities’ offerings. This is the long-term value proposition of the Rematic Ecosystem. The RMTX token allowed for the creation of the Rematic Enterprise and will be the token that benefits from some of the revenue generated from each entity within the Rematic Ecosystem.

RMTX provides distribution to holders based on transactions, as well as a  deflationary Buy Back and Burn. This results in returns on your investment day 1 and encourages long-term holding for future benefits from the Rematic Enterprise Entities.

Voter Platform

Rematic Vote

Rematic Vote

Adhering to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the vote platform will establish a secure, easy to use, and cost-effective voting capability that stores vote data on a decentralized ledger. The creates an immutable and transparent method for holding secure votes. 

The platform allows our clients to vote securely and anonymously using their host token wallet. When a vote is placed, the wallet address is bonded to a public ledger that includes all of the votes. Once a voting period is over, the public will be able to view the results on the blockchain ensuring the authenticity of the vote source and counts.  

This product offering will have broad applications across communities in the crypto space, commercial sector, local, state, and federal governments. 

Why Rematic Voter Platform?

People are imperfect, mistakes seed doubt, doubt creates mistrust. Blockchain technology empowers trust because it’s essentially a digital ledger of transactions that are duplicated and distributed across an entire network of computer systems making it virtually impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system data. Traditional methods of conducting elections create delays in results, requires multiple touchpoints, and is people driven, opening the process to scrutiny (valid or not). With blockchain technology, results are available in real time, the recorded information is 100% transparent, and results are unalterable and irrefutable. Developing a voter platform on top of this technology can instill trust into a process that means so much to so many people and is desperately needed.


Rematic Services

Professional Services

Rematic Services has begun providing top notch professional services to other cryptocurrency projects. Through proper project management practices, shared experiences, and our experienced development team, Rematic offers crypto projects the opportunity to gain valuable insight and support for launching projects of their own. Rematic service offerings include the creation of smart contracts for deployment on polygon and BSC blockchains.


Rematic Invest

Investment Services

Rematic Invest will serve as a community driven lending protocol for small businesses and start-ups. Companies will submit their business plan or pitch for review for vetting by Rematic leadership and ultimately voted on by the Rematic Community for funding.

Investment services won’t be for just businesses and start-ups. Individuals will be able to manage their long-term investment strategy, participate in the pension plan program, and manage their 401k contributions. This program will also allow for individuals to participate in the funding of projects along side of Rematic, but moreover it also will allow individuals to invest in themselves long term.


Rematic Finance

Financial services

Rematic Finance will provide financial tools to businesses and individuals that are easy to use. A first of its kind financial services platform built to allow for a wide range of services allowing investors to take advantage of what Rematic Finance offers.

Short-term and long-term services will include the ability to stake tokens, participate in yield farming, provide liquidity for collateral loans, and apply for collateral loans and lines of credit. with clear, concise, and easy to understand terms and conditions.  

The RFTX token will provide advanced Tokenomics to include real and sustainable staking rewards backed by a real source of revenue, provide ability for holders to participate in the 401k program, and serve to even the playing field for mid-tier and smaller investors. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind reflection token.


CryptoPositive Organization


Use the power of the Crypto community to better humanity around the world. We are creating a bridge between the positive side of crypto to aid those most in need, those dealing with a crisis, natural disaster, or political turmoil.  

Charity & Donations

CryptoPositive Organization is a Non-Profit entity that looks to make waves in the cryptocurrency space. With its sole purpose to distribute charitable donations to non-profit organizations worldwide, this entity will focus on: 

  • The short-term outlook: Provide monthly donations to charitable organizations chosen by the community using the RTL voting platform. 
  • The long term: Aim to be the largest crypto-centric nonprofit organization and charitable organization globally, donating more money in to hands faster, that need it the most.